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Fuk it bear’s tip and trick to living a better life

This is the what the magic man taught to Fuk it bear on one of his many journey
Stop trying so hard.
When we try way to hard we burn out. Fuk it bear says stop trying so hard. When we are always fixating on the positive, on whats successful, on whats better for us. This only reminds us over and over what we are not, what we are failing at and judging that no truly happy person feels like we do. We start to believe that a happy person is just that. Happy, with no problems and why cant we feel like that.
If you are creating this other life in your head, all you are doing is reinforcing that you are not that, which brings anxiety, which then brings depression. We are running around trying so hard to fit this image we have made. And at the end of the day we judge whether or not we had a good day or bad day based on this illusion, this dream we have made in our heads.
Sometimes its OK to let go, put it down and relax, you don’t have to over think this. Life is way to short to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
The Paradox of hell.
In our society today, we have bread a whole new generation of people who think having these negative experiences of fear, judgment, shame, guilt. Is OK, and yet cant seem to see that their thoughts are creating their reality. If you look at any social media account, it seem everyone is having the best time in the world. And you can’t help but think that you must suck even worst because you are not fulfilling those thing in life either. This is the paradox from hell. We do this to ourselves everyday. And Fuk it bear wants to help you get out of this loop.
Thanks to the internet we have vast amounts of information thrown at us from all angles, and vast amounts of ways we can discover how we are not good enough. That things are not as they should be. And this can really tear us up inside.
Fuk it
in Chinese Fuk means good luck or good fortune, it doesn’t mean not giving a fuck by being indifferent. It means being more comfortable with yourself with being different. So that the universe can work with you not against you. Everything is a give and take and we must first learn how to take. Which help us figure out how to give a fuk about the right things. Its impossible to not give a fuk about anything whether you believe it or not you are always giving a fuk about something.
Give up on trying to be happy all the time
To be honest Fuk it bear isn’t happy all the time. And he knows that’s perfectly fine. Trying to be happy all the time is what we like to call. “Getting lost in the sauce.” There is this premise that says if I achieve this thing I will be happy, or if I look like this thing I will be happy. This is the problem happiness is not some solvable equation. Its not normal to be happy all the time. Have you ever met a person who is happy all the time. After a while, hanging out with this person something starts to seem off. Almost not human. Some people can’t even stand a person who is happy all the time. That is because its unnatural to be ecstatic all of the time. One must learn to live with the dissatisfaction not run from it.
Life is dukkha
Dukkha. Was a word given to fuk it bear by a very amazing man. It is not an English word it’s actually Sanskrit. And it has many meanings. But how fuk it bear likes to use it, is meaning anything that is temporary for example like happiness is something temporary. Some have used this word dhukka as suffering You can replace the word suffering with dissatisfaction or stress. If you like but fuk it bear didn’t think it grasped the full meaning to this word Let me explain something to you about dukkha. Because there is no English translation that neatly and tidily contains the same range of meaning and connotation as dukkha its better not to translate it at all. Otherwise you are just wasting your time getting, “Lost in the sauce,” on what this word means. So lets throw out suffering, dissatisfaction etc and lets just look at dukkha.
There are 3 forms of dukkha which is:
suffering or pain, impermanence or change, and conditioned states
Suffering or Pain
This is known as ordinary suffering this includes physical emotional and mental pain.
Impermanence or Change
Is anything that is not permanent is also dukkha making happiness, success..etc dukkha. Because its not permanent, this dose not mean its wrong to enjoy these things it just means don’t cling onto it.
Conditioned states
To be conditioned is to be dependent on or affected by something else, all phenomena are conditioned everything effects everything else. The most difficult part of this teaching on dukkha to understand but very critical to understand the fuk it bear life style.
The true Fuk it bear self
This takes us to the Fuk it bear teachings on the self. And the first thing you must learn is there is no “self” in the sense of a permanent, integral, autonomous being within an individual existence. What we think of as our self, our personality, and ego, are temporary creations of the universe.
“What we call a ‘being’, or an ‘individual’, or ‘I’, is only a convenient name or a label given. They are all impermanent, all constantly changing. ‘Whatever is impermanent is dukkha.
Fuk it bear thinks the most fascinating problem we can ask is “who am I” and it is very true, how can you pinpoint the thing that you are. Its like trying to use the point of your finger to point the point of your finger. it is impossible to pin point the answer to this problem. What we fail to realize is our environment is not other then ourselves.
I a stranger and afraid in a world I never made” A.E. Houseman.
What you really are is both what you do and what happens to you. What is going on is a do-happening. It’s a not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing. You cannot conceive the existence of a human body without an environment. this is the clue that the two are basically the same, like 2 poles of a magnet north is very different then south, but they are one magnet. You cannot have north without south and vice versa. So this goes the same with you and your environment. If you cannot separate yourself from your environment essentially you are one in the same. Simply you are both what you do and what happens to you.
But what we are doing now is playing this game, where what happens to you is not your responsibility. You are only responsible for this side of it. Anything that happens outside of what you are calling yourself is not your fault and you had nothing to do with it. And so this idea allows you to then compete with the other side. Its like your playing chess with yourself. But at one point you see you have to choose which side is gonna win, but you see that’s the problem you just broke the rules of the game. This is a very confusing game to play.
You see it is impossible to know other because in order to know what other is you must first know what self is in its entirety. You see you cannot have this feeling of experience of being a voluntary acting self unless you know the experience of the involuntary acting self.
When you try to control your thoughts and feeling you find there is no difference between the thought and the controller, because what you call the thinker is simply the thought of yourself. The thinker is the thought among thought. And the feeler is the feeling among feelings and trying to control thoughts within thoughts is like biting your own teeth. So then you realize that trying to control yourself was unnecessary because you were yourself the universe from the very beginning. “You are your deepest desire is as your desire so is your intention as is your intention so is your will as is your will so is your deed as is your deed so is your destiny” Upanishads.