About Fuk it bear.

Welcome to the fuk it bear website! 

Fuk it bear!!! In Chinese, “fuk” means good luck , or fourtune. If you are embodying this bear you are essentially letting the universe work for you and not against you.
The idea is simple. Get out of your own way. What ever you are doing or trying to do, if you find yourself frustrated, stressed, depressed. This is a perfect time to call on Fuk it bear. Put it down, step away. You can always come back to it later. Either way, there is nothing you can do right now, Fuk it bear! Let the universe do the hard work for you. When we let go, we can then see clearly and come at the problem in a better perspective. When we embody Fuk it bear we are saying to our self’s, “I’m going to let this go for now, I’m going to let the universe help me see this in a better way.” Lets remember the message from Fuk it bear put it down and enjoy life as it is. Fuck it. Life is too short. 🐼

What The Stone Ape Project is all about.

My aim is to create a community, one who brings awareness to the art of letting go. We not only want to create a life of abundance, but also passion and creativity. I want to help create space for something new to happen to help others stop and take stock of what you really need emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Using our mascot Fuk it bear I believe it is possible to create this beautiful message.