Fuk it bear cult

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Fuk it bear cult is not a serious religious cult. My goal here is to create a community of people who love creators and are creators. Fuk it bear is all about letting go. So no matter what you are doing you can integrate fuk it bear into your life. Knowing its not serious and that you can let go at any moment. It dosen’t mean give up, it means to put it down to come back in a better positive mindset. We are all here to help others grow and be the best they can be. What I want to do is target people who feel they do not belong to anything. The black sheep if you will. If you feel alone if you feel left out. You feel weird, whatever. You can come here and be yourself. You can come here and feel like you belong to something important.

How to join the fuk it bear cult.

1. Join the fuk it bear FB group (if you don’t have FB just add one of my social media accounts.)
2. Must love fuk it bear
3. Must love life
4. Must Want to seek the betterment of yourself and other
5. Must proclaim fuk it bear as your lord and master (just post fuk it bear some where on your most used social media account. Tag me)

Rules for fuk it bear cult members.

-Don’t worry about what people think, they don’t do it very often.
If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.
Life is not fair – get used to it
Change ‘Can’t’ to ‘Won’t’.
Know what’s stopping you. Then move it along.
Don’t expect change
It’s okay to fall apart for a while. It really is.
Trust that you’ll be okay.
Because you will be.
Let go, and let the momentum take over.

Once a member

Once you are a member you will receive a fuk it bear sticker and a panda beanie.
Beanies must be worn when doing something creative. Or when meeting other fuk it bear members
(Atm we are working on getting our members stickers and beanies if you have anything fuk it bear related (panda related) you may use that as your fuk it bear merch until you have been provided with official fuk it bear merch.)
All member are called fam. We are apart of the fuk it bear family and will treat each other as such.
Dispute can be sent to nyx vasquez she will look through all dispute and will come with a fair decision for all parties.
All members must follow the fuk it bear rules. 

Become a member today, put on your panda head and middle fingers up. 

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