The origin of fuk it bear

Fuk it bear origin story
I bet you want to know the story of Fuk it bear. Well, Fuk it bear is a seeker. He is an adventurer and he has met lots of people in his travels. Yes he is a guy in a bear suit and I’m gonna tell you how this guy put on this bear suit and became Fuk it bear. No one knows Fuk it bears real name. He has the name that cannot be named, the bear that can be described is not the eternal bear. He is Fuk it bear and also not Fuk it bear.
Fuk it bear’s story begins when he put on his suite. His eternal mother nyx made it for him and he was very proud wear it. He also wore a gold crown which represent his commitment to his journey. He wanted to see what was out here. And although He didn’t exactly know where he was going, and even tho he wasn’t really convinced that he was doing the right thing, he started off Guided by an inner drive he couldn’t really explain.
The first person he met on his adventure was a great and powerful man who could do amazing things, Fuk it bear loved to watch him and learned lots of new things, you could say fuk it bear became his apprentice. and while learning from this man he told told fuk it bear some very good advice, he said “There is a key to understanding the magic all around us, this magic has different names depending on who’s speaking about them fire, water, air, earth, will, emotions, thoughts, matter, once you can become aware of these magics and how they work, you can combine them to control and manifest dreams and control reality. More importantly it is necessary to control these magics within yourself.”
After a few days with this wonderful mysterious man, Fuk it bear continued on with this journey. Feeling even more amp-ed up to see where this journey would take him next. He wondered for a while when he suddenly felt the calm, cool, terrace of the charmer. He rested for a while there, watching her he was too tired to move on. He then noticed there were strange symbols surrounding her which confused him, he wondered what they could mean. His gaze moved from the symbolizes to the girl who stayed silent the whole time. He asked her what the symbols mean but she wouldn’t answer. He eventually quit trying to figure it out and finally found himself staring lost in her gaze, she may have been surrounded by symbols but her eyes were gateways to the undefined, indescribable, mysteries of life. In the shade with her he might of dozed off, might have dreamed. he wasn’t sure but when he finally decided to move on he felt different like he knew things that he didn’t know before, but he wasn’t exactly sure what.
The hours, days, months, years. he wasn’t really sure how much time had pass with the charmer but it left him feeling like he was more out of his body then in his body. Plus he was hungry and a little homesick. He followed a trail of flowers to a strange alcove by the edge of a river. In the middle of a field. sat a rather gorgeous woman in a luxurious chair or maybe it was a throne. It reminded him of his throne at back home. The gorgeous she wore a crown of stars which made him thin she was probably of queen of something. she really remind him of his mother back home, she allowed him to sit on her throne and she was very kind to him. She gave him fruit to eat and sang songs to him. Just as his mother would, he made her a crown of flowers and even tho it wasn’t as pretty as her crown of stars she wore it gracefully then she packed him a lunch and sent him on his way.
Fuk it bear was mindlessly roaming around munching on some fruit when he bumped into this man, he’d wish he was paying more attention because he would of skipped over this character. The sultan demanded to see what was in Fuk it bear sack, he wanted to know what kind of journey fuk it bear was on? how long it would last? And how would he make his provisions stretch for the entire adventure? Fuk it bear had no answer and so the sultan lectured him about importance of responsibility, supervision and the general advisability of always having a plan. The sultan taught him about sustainability as well. and with the sultans help they sorted his provisions, so that Fuk it bear had enough food for a while. The sultan also let him do some odd jobs, so that he could make some extra money. After the hard work and the lecture he was send on his way.
If the sultan was scary this next guy was crazy. Fuk it bear came across a very weird looking man he questioned the shamans hat and crazy hand gestures, very curious about this whole thing, he joined a group that listened to the shaman. after a while a basket was passed around and people were putting money in it. Fuk it bear didn’t but instead waited until everyone had left to ask what the money was for. The shaman said it was to feed the poor and take care of the monks who served the people. It was his job to help the people live life according to their beliefs to make the right choices and to grow spiritually. Fuk it bear had a lot more questions and the shaman answered them patiently
Fuk it bear soon continued on his journey finding a clearing at a fork in his path a naked couple listened to an angle. The angle said. “You both see each other as your hearts desire. you are choosing wisely. The path you seek will now open.” The couple embraced and turned to leave. As they did a new glowing path opened up as if by magic, just as the angle said. Hand and hand they walked the path which disappeared behind them. Fuk it bears astounded expression was seen by the angle who said to him, “When you choose a path of your heart it will be yours and only yours alone.” And with that the angle disappeared. Fuk it bear sat under a tree with apples and as he ate one he stared at the burning tree. A part of him wanted to go back but as he looked back seeing the path was covered with plants making it impossible to go in that direction. so he decided to seek more adventure and as if by magic a new path revealed itself so Fuk it bear continued on his way
Fuk it bear felt pretty good about his choice although part of him was still anxious, all doubt vanished when he came upon the chariot. he never knew he wanted one until he saw it. He walked all around it admiring the features. It was like a culmination of his recent adventures. The square sturdiness of the wheels would please the sultan. The canopy reminded him of the gorgeous queen and when he climbed in he found a wand.. here he thought is the magic man. he held up the wand and thought about moving on. slowly the horses stood and started walking and the chariot lunched into motion
Fuk it bear was so focused on steering his new chariot that he almost ran into a woman and a lion. Without thinking he jumped off to go help. As he approached closer, he noticed the woman was making shushing sounds to a lion. Fuk it bear was very confused how well the lion was responding and when the woman knelt down and plucked a thorn from the lions paw. You could clearly tell a relief of pain the lion from the lion. The lion fell to the ground and the woman continued to sooth him, looking at fuk it bear she said. “Most wild, noble beings only lash out or attack when they are in pain or afraid like animals, other people, and your own glorious spirit.”
After making sure the lady and lion was alright Fuk it bear continued on his way. And soon it was getting dark and Fuk it bear thought he should stop traveling for the night. As he started to set up camp he saw a light followed by a man. The man wasn’t paying any attention to Fuk it bear, instead he was focused on the path in front of him, stepping carefully in a small pool of light created by the lantern the old man held. Fuk it bear followed him up a mountain, when the hermit finally stopped and said “Why do you follow me? This is my light and my path. I go to the mountain to be alone and think about things.” fuk it bear knew enough to take a hint and headed back down to his chariot, thinking if he had his own light he could travel in the dark. And how much of a different adventure that would be. Getting back to his camp Fuk it bear fell asleep wondering how he could make his own lantern
During the night Fuk it bear had a dream. He saw a large wheel covered in strange symbols and ridden by a bizarre golden snake. The snake became more excited as it became more entangled with the wheel. After a moment the creature started screaming and flailing. Then a girl stronger then she looked spun the wheel the snake wailed and clutched trying not to be flung from the wheel. Then a voice whispered very close to Fuk it bears ear. “Its easier to hold on if your in the middle.”
In the morning Fuk it bear got into his chariot and road off. The weirdness of last nights dream still holding on to his mind. Soon he saw a formal-looking building with lots of pillars and steps at the top of the steps there was a statue of a woman in the front of the building, she was holding a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other. And people were on these steps listening and watching as other people went up and plead their case. Fuk it bear couldn’t hear what was being said, but he noticed some people left in tears while others seemed happy and still others determined. He wandered over and asked a fellow observer what was going on and was told. “Oh, its just people finding out they have to sleep in the bed they’ve made.” Fuk it bear must of looked perplexed because the person continued saying “Some people never learn that they get what they deserve.”
Fuk It bear walked away the guys words stumbling around in his brain when he came across a man who was hanging upside down. Remembering the lesson from the fellow observer he wondered what this man must have done to deserve this. When the hang man spoke and said. “I know what your thinking, and your wrong. I chose to hang in this tree. I am giving my freedom as a sacrifice, as an offering. I seek enlightenment.” He explained he had been trying for years, studying and working but making no progress, so he then decided to not give up but to give over committing to waiting as long as it took “some times there is nothing you can do but wait. Just be still and quite so you can listen.” Fuk it bear quit asking questions and talking and stayed with the hangman for a while. Slowly a light grew behind the mans head. The man stayed silent and smiled so bright it liT up his entire existence.
Fuk it bear must have stayed with the hangman for longer then he thought because when he set off again the sun was setting. in the distance he heard moaning and wailing so he approached cautiously and he was glad he did. Hiding his chariot he scrambled closer to a frightful scene. Nearly hidden behind a skeleton cloak lay a dead king other people were crying out. Wand morning this dead king. The skeleton turned his head and looked right at Fuk it bear with his empty eye socket a cold shiver shuddered though Fuk it bear’s soul and he knew without a doubt that he needed to walk with death. Leaving behind his beloved chariot, his crown, and his few meager belongings. He walked with death towards the sun fading into the horizon.
Fuk it bear felt dazed after his night with death as if he wasn’t filing up his body properly. He almost bumped into an angle with glorious wings who was doing magical things with white vases and liquid. The angle set down her vases and assessed Fuk it bear. The angle saw into Fuk it bears eyes then picked up the chalices up again and held them to the sky. The angle turned faced each direction speaking beautiful words to the heavens. The angle poured the liquid back and forth before giving it to Fuk it bear who took it and without thinking drunk it all. At that moment death had stripped him bear leaving fertile soil and a few seeds. The angle watered the seeds and already they were growing
Feeling jaunty and revived Fuk it bear continued on his way with a spring in his step the day was so bight and the air felt so good. He started to hear strange sounds like a confusion of tortured moans and diabolical laughter. He didn’t want to follow the sound but he knew he had to investigate. As he found the entrance to a cave, he went in and saw a man and woman chained together. A tall daemon taunted them. Fuk it bear was going to turn to leave when the demon caught Fuk it bear suddenly found himself chained to a pillar. His fear bubbled up from his stomach through his veins and panic coursed thought every synapse in his brain the chains became tighter and his dread worse. The demon voice filled Fuk it bears mind “Your nothing, you have nothing, you will never be worthy.”
Fuk it bear was still bound in the demons cave. At this point he given up struggling and was huddled on the ground holding himself His crown gone his clothes tattered. rocking back and forth. Dispirited. when he rocked forward he could see outside the mouth the cave. He could see a tall tower on top of a hill as clouds gather behind it the storm churning overhead echoed the chaotic whispered engulfing Fuk it bears mind. As the energy built in the sky and in his brain it condensed illuminating everything. Fuk it bear’s truth! A hard won truth wrestled from the cold hands of deaths flashed in his mind and surged throughout his being. At this moment the chains fell away on pure instinct and Fuk it bear ran out of the cave towards the tower in time to see the sky split and the mighty tower turn into a pile of rubble on the hill.
Fuk it bear was battered, bruised, and burned after his experience in the demons cave. Also from running past the exploding tower. Fuk it bear had left everything behind with death and was feeling more lost then ever before. he hated to admit it but he also felt a little betrayed. Fuk it bear looked up at the brilliant stars in the dark sky which made him feel better. He noticed that one star seemed so much brighter then the others and so he decided he followed it Into a clearing where a woman was pouring water into a stream. She motioned for him, laid him down in the river, and began to pour water over him. Not soon after Fuk it bear felt very relaxed and his wounds began to heal. He felt like his heart heal too. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and he started on his path again feeling more certain of his way.
Everything was going great for Fuk it bear until the clouds covered the tiny stars. Making him lose his direction. His way was only lit by the ghostly light of the moon. Shadows formed making everything confusing. Then suddenly water poured onto the path but he couldn’t figure out where it came from. A lobster crawled out of the water onto the path looking like a horrible monster. He heard wolf’s howling in the distance and thought they were coming closer. He panicked and ran around bumping into stones and trees. When he stopped to catch his breath, underneath the pounding of his heart, he felt guidance rising up. Stop! Look! Listen! Listen from within. Calmer now he realized his eyes were adjusting to the dark and he could see the path led between two pillars. He knew that was the way to go.
By the time the sun was high in the sky, the fearful memories of the night before were fading and Fuk it bear felt positively cheerful. He came to a lovely field filled with flowers including plenty of sunflowers drinking in the warm sunlight. Then Fuk it bear saw the strangest thing, two young children and one of the children was wearing a gold crown. Something that had been Fuk it bear trademark until he lost it during his adventures with death. One of the children motioned for Fuk it bear and then placed the crown on Fuk it bear’s head then suddenly the children vanished.
After riding around long and hard, laughing into the sunshine. Fuk it bear felt like he was done and also curiosity started tugging at him what was beyond that wall the one with all the sunflowers along it. He climbed over and saw a huge cemetery that reached far as the horizon. Soon angels appeared in the sky and started blowing trumpets although Fuk it bear couldn’t hear any sound, some graves began to open up and people alive, and shining with heavenly light rose up and disappeared. While Fuk it bear was trying to figure out what was happened, he then felt his soul rise up and a song burst from his throat. He didn’t even know how but he could hear the trumpets now and hear his own voice combining to make the most glorious majestic song ever made. All the layers of Fuk it bears experiences began to merge and he lifted his face to the sky and sang a prayer of love and gratitude. He glimpsed the divine within him and every bit of the world.
The cemetery vanished and Fuk it bear stood in an empty field eventually all that vibrating with wonder made his legs weak and he lay down to watch the clouds against the blue sky as humans have done from the dawn of time. He saw pictures there that told him a beautiful story about success and completion and soon he fell asleep. Dreaming about his adventure and wondering what would come next. When he woke he was on a cloud and where was a portal marked by a laurel wreath. He couldn’t see what was beyond it but he could see the opening was reflective and in that reflection he saw only himself. He adjusted his crown, smiled with anticipation, and jumped thought. Marking the never ending journey fuk it bear is on.

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